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[2009-6-2] “蜀萌尔玛在北京——我们与灾区儿童欢度六一”暨新华百货捐赠仪式.
[2008-6-26] 于二零零八年六月二十六日举行之股东周年大会投票结果.
[2009-6-2] Proposed transfer to main board listing and proposed amendments to articles of association ASSOCIATION .
[2010-5-25] Notice of extraordinary general meeting.
China Chain Store & Franchise Association
All China Industry & Commerce
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Growth Enterprises Market
“A dream we share – a dream of establishing an everlasting retail chain that Chinese people love patronizing, and that mingles with their daily lives

We are committed to cater for, with ever improving standard, quality product and unconditional service. Serving the People, for invention of benefit to all mankind, we wish to sow the seed of our pursuit and our ideal.
Our team is dedicated, wholeheartedly, to strive for exemplifying at its best what is unique about retail chain business and its success in China. ”
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NEW YORK (FORTUNE) - If you want to get a glimpse of the future of retail, skip the trip to Wal-Mart, buy yourself a ticket to Beijing, and check out Wu Mart instead.

Tomorrow's Wal-Marts?

A fresh crop of burgeoning retailers is winning shoppers and turning heads, according to a new study

Wu-mart Mansion, No.158-1 West 4th Ring North Road,
Haidian District, Beijing, P. R. China 100142
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